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Cats Incredible Cat Litter - Lucy Pet Products - Lavender & Unscented

02-05-2017 by 4Paws

Ammonia is a major cause of litter box odor. It’s toxic to your cat and to you. Our patent-pending Smell Squasher™ technology actually prevents ammonia from forming in the litter box. Cats Incredible ™ Litter for Cats works so well, “Your Friends Won’t Know You Have Cats! ™” 

We use a super-premium sodium bentonite clumping clay from the USA which produces firm, easy-to-scoop clumps and is 99.9% dust-free. Our Lavender formula includes a light lavender scent. We DO NOT use a heavy fragrance (like most brands) to cover up the ammonia smell in the litter box because ammonia won’t ever form. Veterinarian Approved. Non-toxic, safe for cats and kittens. Beautiful, patent-pending cat shaped bag with two ergonomic handles and a side spout that makes it easy to pour. Features front and back of “Ricky the Rescue Cat”. This bag is recyclable and non-pollutant, so please recycle when finished.

We sell the 25lb bag and 14lb bags of Lavendar and Unscented 


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