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Rags to Riches for Lucy

03-09-2017 by 4Paws

In late 2015 we where asked if our rescue Life 4 Paws could help find Lucy a new forever home.  Her owner had just split with her boyfriend and moved back home where Lucy was not welcomed by the other dogs in the household.  Lucy was under a year and had so far lived a sheltered life in an apartment, she did not like men much.  Life 4 Paws said yes and worked with Lucy and her shyness and overcoming her fear of men.  

She was boarded at 4 Paws Resort & Spa and we soon found out she was very active.  She can jump as high if not higher than a door and run like a greyhound even though she is as small as a whippet.  In mid 2016 one of Life 4 Paws young volunteers offered to foster Lucy during her school break and we hoped that this would be a foster failure and Lucy would find her forever home.  Sadly Lucy was far to active for them keep her.  In September of 2016 Lucy had another chance of a forever home with a family with a small kid, though we talked with them and told them that Lucy needed structure and consistency and they acknowledged this the adoption did not work out.  Lucy was again looking for her forever home.  

Our volunteers took her to the off leash park where there is an agility course and Lucy went through the course on her own.  She also enjoyed the space to really run.  At the beginning of February 2017 an old foster contacted us looking to foster and maybe adopt we showed them a couple of dogs including Lucy and they picked Lucy.  We gave them a crate and told them what we knew about her and her needs.  

On 3/6/17 Lucy became officially a part of the Murphy family.  Life 4 Paws is over the moon for Lucy - have an amazing life with your new family more

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